Are the parents in your program convinced that you are doing everything humanly possible to protect and secure their children?

Can you confirm that all participants in a game are immediately identifiable via a biometric fingerprint?

Do you know that all league players are confirmed to be who they say they are?

Do you have a system that combines all league required information with photo and fingerprints?

Do you know who your league coaches are before the background check?

Do you have a way of systematically tracking your players and coaches from one season to the next?

Do you have an easy way of designing & producing Identification Badges for your program’s participants?

If you answered “NO” to any of these questions, then you need to know more about Game Guardian Systems.

Game Guardian Systems is the leader in secured sports management systems for K-12, competitive, and recreational sports programs.


With a web based entry model interfaced with a desktop security system and hardware, your players will be photographed, fingerprinted, and documented to assure their identity when playing in your sports program.  Using advanced technology, the fingerprinting process meets all privacy concerns by recording an answer to an algorithm, and can not be reverse engineered to create an actual fingerprint; but it will securely identify each player, making sure that all players are playing against others that are their age, and that there are no players playing under assumed names.


Using a breakthrough interface, coaches and volunteers will be matched against a national system, using date of birth, photo, and name to assure that the coach/volunteer is not a sexual offender at immediately during sign up.  This time saving process will eliminate immediately those coaches that should not be in your program, and will allow a more extensive background check if the league officials desire one.  Coaches and volunteers from previous years will be retained in the database to eliminate the need for duplicate entry, but still allowing annual sexual offender checks to assure the integrity of your league.


Game Guardian Systems’ The Sports Administrator – using technology and security to bring peace of mind to administrators and parents.